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Civil Matters

>Personal Injury (accident; trauma; workplace discrimination & harassment)

>ADA disability assessment; special education, including IEP issues

>Disability; Workmen’s Comp; Return to Work


>Capacity determinations (guardianship; competence)

                                       Juvenile & Adult Criminal Proceedings

                                                                   >Waiver to Adult Court




After practicing law, Dr. Weinberg earned her doctorate in psychology and devoted herself fulltime to the practice of clinical and forensic psychology.  She has over 25 years of experience, working with clients across the lifespan. Dr. Weinberg served as Program Director of Eating Disorders at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, and as Clinical Director of an NHS residential facility for young adults with severe mental illness. She has also held faculty appointments at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Temple University School of Medicine, where she taught cross-cultural competence in the psychological evaluation and treatment of individuals with diverse group identities. Dr. Weinberg's expertise includes specialized knowledge about disabilities and their psychosocial impact.

As consultant to Philadelphia's Family Court, Dr. Weinberg created new written guidelines for court-ordered Behavioral Health Evaluations. She subsequently presented workshops on this topic for Family Court’s psychologist and psychiatrist evaluators, as well as training for Philadelphia’s Public Defender Association. Dr. Weinberg also provided guidance to the Family Court Judiciary and staff on best practices in Juvenile Competency Evaluations and other behavioral health issues.

Dr. Weinberg received her PhD from the University of Toledo, her JD from the University of Connecticut, and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is licensed in Pennsylvania and is eligible to obtain temporary licensure in New Jersey & other states for the purpose of forensic services.  

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