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I offer workshops for your organization's executive & staff development, as well as individual training to enhance skills in a variety of areas including:  

~ Parenting

~ Self-advocacy

~ Social interactions

~ Negotiation

~ Conflict resolution

~ Coping with ADD

~InSIGHT Visual Learning Strategies

My educational services are always customized to meet your specific needs.


     Have you ever ...    
  • Met resistance from your team when you tried to carry out supervisory responsibilities?
  • Left a doctor's office wondering why you didn't get answers to all your questions?
  • Become frustrated by a live Customer Service rep who responded to your complaints like a chatbot?
  • Had the vague feeling you were being patronized in a conversation?
  • Wondered how to help your child respond to prejudice (e.g., antisemitism) or resist social pressures that conflict with your family values? 
  • Responded to a criticism or complaint, only to be told you're being "defensive"?

Self-advocacy is a skill that anyone can learn, and it gets easier with practice!

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